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Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinder ETS 2000 Model

Paper Tube and Core Production Line bullet Slitter Rewinder


Heavy Duty Slitter Rewinder ETS 2000 Model

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Technical Specifications:

Maximum parent reel width (approx) : 2000mm

Parent reel outer diameter (approx) : 1300mm

Slit reel outer diameter (maximum) approx : 1300mm

Minimum slitting width : 75mm

Maximum cutting stations : 27 Nos

Output Speed (approx) : 100 metres per minute depending on the quality of the raw material size etc

Parent Paper Reel Loading : Automatic

Parent Paper Reel Clamping : Automatic

Unloading of slitted reel : Automatic

Maximum weight of the parent reel (approx) : Within 800 Kgs

GSM Range : 100 GSM to 600 GSM

Paper Core Size : 3” Both Unwind and Rewind station

Total Power (approx) : 13 KW

Air Supply requirement : 6 Bar (100 lpm)

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    • Automatic unloading and dropping of slit paper reels.
    • Hydraulic type reel loading, lifting and shifting arrangement.
    • Trim waste removal system
    • Shaftless paper reel clamping
    • Numerical braking system for tension control